PC-1B Intercom/Paging Central Control Module

PC-1B Intercom/Paging Central Control  Module
Item# pc1b-intercompaging-control-unit
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Product Description

Telephone Handset Dial-Pad operated or PBX Trunk Dial-Pad operated dial-up Paging and Intercom Central System (with built-in two-way talk-back capabilities). The system Connects indirectly through speaker selection modules to 8 inch speakers equipped with 25-Volt and 70-Volt transformers. The transformers provide for less power loss, extended wire length and reduced wire size to each speaker. Up to 150 speakers can be individually selected for paging and intercom two-way communication. In addition room speakers may be grouped in zones to page both individual and multiple areas at once. Price above includes both selection modules and built-in amplifiers for controlling multiple speakers. Several options are available including back ground music, time controlled tone or chime signalling, and multiple telephone handset calling. Units are assembled based on the options selected. Please call to receive a shipping schedule for the various options available. Telephone (951) 244-0500


The Q.I.S. system has several advantages over similar systems since multiplexed speaker selection modules may be remotely located in various extended locations or buildings. It is no longer necessary to run a separate cable from each speaker all the way back to the central control unit to provide individual speaker selection or individual speaker zone selection. Substantial savings in both wire cost and labor is possible using this method. For additional cost savings options please give us a call at (951) 244-0500.